Welcome to StackNerds!

I started building this "stack" because I believe with the internet having brought us all to "one place", it would be possible for us at stacknerds.com to teach millions of people technology and turn them into digital nomads.

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Welcome to StackNerds!

Hello there! I am called Noel, I created StackNerds. I am excited you are reading the StackNerds welcome memo. It does not matter when you are reading this, it is the first publication ever on stacknerds.com and it defines who we are as a community and I am happy you considered looking at it. I started building this "stack" because I believe with the internet, we are in "one place". It is then possible for us at stacknerds.com to reach millions of people with the gospel of technology and turn them into digital nomads.

We have moved past the times when to compete, our muscles were more important! That is what the industrial revolution was designed for. Now, for us to compete we need to put our brains to work instead. Yet, the world is so big and we need to scale. Things are going so fast we need to work faster and there are millions of people to reach. It could be difficult!
The best way to do your work faster and leave it exposed to billions of people roaming the digital world is to build on digital frameworks. But first, we need to build our digital prowess.

It does not matter whether you are a doctor or a painter! You can do more with computers when you understand the mechanisms of automation they provide and can reach more people when you understand the depth of connectivity the internet promises.

All of this, you can do without having to become a programmer, engineer or a computer scientist. Even if you are, or want to be any of these things the Stacknerds community is for everyone who simply, is interested in learning or teaching technology and or becoming a digital nomad [Whatever that means to you].

From understanding the basics of technology, what you can do with it and what options are available for you, or getting deep into tech, learning how to code and building something for yourself, the StackNerds community is for you. We are very happy to have you!